Caught up in the trouble of getting from a thought to a draft to a final result?

Wanting something that is truly uniquely tailored to your needs and tasks?

WolfBird is a creative source to not only help you getting the desired results but also provide out of the box thinking and foresight in order to excess your expectations.
Approaching every client individually enables to serve an amazing wide variety of individuals and businesses.

Having a strong event and photography-background is a great asset to come up with ideas even for the most challenging products.

But who am I, well if I was a dish, this would be the ingredients:


  • A handful of idealism
  • Two table spoons of nerd-seedlings
  • ½ pound of common sense (organic)
  • A shot of persistence
  • A good pinch of love and insanity
  • 12 ounces of humor and fun
  • Rounded up with a shot of awesomeness