2151 Rejuvenation

After change of ownership, this property suffered from a very old and insufficient wayfinding system, colors did not match with the new owner's vision and purpose forthe building.


Creating a modern but long lasting stylish product that complies with all requirements while integrating in the new interior design. With the office suites behind non sequential , a solution was needed to stop people from getting lost.


Clear acrylic and brushed metal were chosen as the main elements while adding red as contrast color in order for the signage to be spotted easily. Sectional maps where included on all entrances and in the elevator lobbies to simplyfy navigation.

The subsurface lettering was chosen to avoid any issues with chemicals used by the janitorial staff, while making maintenance easy and simple. Guidelines where created to ensure a uniform and professional look.

Compliance Signs followed the same style and exterior signage was also installed to guide visitors to the right place.